Government Releases Project Zeta, Promises to have a better Government


Today, the government of the Norfolk Empire released an official document from the Throne of HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I relating to the development of the Norfolk Empire. The document talked about a new government project that has been named “Project Zeta”. The purpose of Project Zeta is to reconstruct every organisation in the Norfolk Empire for the better of the entire nation. Project Zeta has also set multiple goals for the year 2020 and also talks about organisations that should be created in the Norfolk Empire. The project was written and created by HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I and has been worked on by him for the past three months.

The Project plans to improve twenty-three government organisations and subdivisions, such as the District of New Tenochtitlan, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Military, the Green-Republican Party, the City of New Tenochtitlan, the City of New Brookeside, the Democratic Party, the Moderate-Communist Party, the City of Aileen, the Duchy of Seekeria, the Duchy of Bitty Ridge, the Duchy of Dellfolk, Parliament, the Military, the Union of Abroad Citizens of the Norfolk Empire, the Copyright Court, the Norish Organisation of Space Exploration, the overall government, the Cycle Licensing Agency, the High Court, and the City of Hirntot. Most of the improvements for each organisations/subdivision are either recreate their flag/emblem/logo or make a website. But some organisations have more complex goals, such as the Norish Organisation of Space Exploration (NOSE), which has been told to launch a weather balloon (WB Bodhi-1) four times and two model rockets (MR Keourac-1 and MR Keourac-2) six times each.

Project Zeta also wants to create five new organisations, such as the Bank of Norfolk, the Norish Environmental Police (NEP), Norish Cartography (NCA), the Royal Police of the Norfolk Empire (RPNE), and the Parker Keourac Library. Project Zeta also wants to create a website for the Norfolk Empire, passports for each citizen, and annexe two new subdivisions.

The first of the two new subdivisions is the Duchy of Belgrade, which is a small piece of land surrounded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It has an unnamed man-made and has a population of two.

The second subdivision is the Territory of New Mazatlan, which is four seperate pieces of land together.

Project Zeta is estimated to take about one year to seven months. The project will officially start on 18 September 2019. The government hopes that this new project will help with the development of the Norfolk Empire.

Below is a picture of the document that Project Zeta was announced on.

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