Duchy of Dellfolk Threatens Secession due to Taxes


Today, HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I and Tamcoopese President Tammy Norfolk visited the capital city of the Duchy of Dellfolk, New Brookeside, for non-business purposes. While there, he made a visit to the residence of HRM Duke Roger Bluetoski I and HRM Duchess Jonelle Bluetoski I. They ate brunch while discussing politics and other matters. During the conversation, the topic of the new controversial tax came up. HRM Duke Roger Bluetoski I mentioned that he didn’t like the idea of taxation in the Duchy of Dellfolk. According to HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I, he was quoted saying, “we do not stand for taxation without representation” and “this is just like what happened in American under British control”. He then talked slightly about the secession of the Duchy of Dellfolk but turned to another topic.

Later, HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk I talked to him privately, where HRM Roger Bluetoski I shared more of his thoughts on the new taxes. He said that the taxes aren’t very useful and that the citizens of the Duchy of Dellfolk could not afford the taxes. He also said that the Duchy of Dellfolk would secede from the Norfolk Empire if the taxes continued. His complaints are somewhat legitimate, as almost every citizen of the Duchy of Dellfolk has claimed that they would be able to pay their taxes on August 31st. But, the Royal Family says that they need as much money as possible to fund the government. He voiced his support for the Royal Family to either allow people who want to pay taxes to pay them, having a people’s vote on the taxes, giving a 50% discount to citizens over the age of sixty, making people over the age of sixty exempt from taxes, or remove taxes overall while furthering the threats of secession of the Duchy of Dellfolk. If the Duchy of Dellfolk were to secede from the Norfolk Empire, he wants to call the new country the “Grand Duchy of New Dellfolk”.

It is not clear whether or not the Duchy of Dellfolk will go through with secession mainly because HRM Duchess Dorothy Norfolk is split between wanting to leave and wanting to stay. She is currently waiting to see how the situation works out and plans to wait and see how the taxes are divided up by the Royal Family until she forms an official opinion.

The Emperor has been silent about this problem, but HRH Prince Cooper Norfolk shared his opinion with the Imperial Gazette. “I think that they are raising legitimate concerns and I would be happy to reach an agreement with them. I personally believe that the taxes are necessary, though, and will stay implemented for the time being.”

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